You and I are waves my friend
We met in the vast ocean of life
Both of us, having traveled for thousands of miles
from the east and west,
from the north and south
and still from other directions that cannot be spoken of

When we met, our arms embraced
in a torrent of sound and foam and mist
You became part of me
and I of you
And since then we have journeyed as one
moving across the ocean
among mystical and colorful creatures
strange and mysterious

We move with passion
And rest in tranquility
in the open light
in the deepest of darkness
meeting new friends,
sending new waves in all directions,
large and small,
and some of a size that cannot be described

Indeed, you and I have spawned new waves
They are our children
just as we are the children of waves from the distant past,
too large to behold
bubbling from the profound depths
having no beginning and no end

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