T’s the moment
When moments are fleeting and eternal
And times and places take their turn again
Moments spent as such
Teaching a child to read
And witnessing her eyes grow wide in surprise
Or gazing in wonder at the bark of a tree
Over the strange shape and infinite patterns
While waiting in a railway station
With a comforting feeling of impermanence
Of comings and goings
Of sounds and scents
Of hellos and goodbyes
Or gazing upon an old, tired face
And seeing its youth all over again
As brightly as the morning sun
Or rushing to record a word or song
Out of inspiration, so as to not forget
Only to realize that there is no need to rush
For the music will always be there
Has always been there
And will return again
Though for the moment it be forgotten

Moments when time is no longer
And barriers are erased
Where there is no You or I
No here or there

T’s the moment to say goodbye
A graduation
A passing into night
An entrance into light
A calling from on high
All of Creation stands by
Waiting to see another angel fly

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