The Forbidden Heights

Thousands of years ago, ten birds sat on a branch.
A storm came and tore the trees from their roots.
And the birds sought cover in the caves.
After the storm had passed, the birds remained upon the ground.
They had become accustomed to the earth and forgot about their wings.

Hundreds of years after, nine birds sat upon the ground looking out into the heavens.
And there, engulfed in the empty blue, was one bird soaring high with his wings spread wide.
And the nine gasped and shook their heads saying:
"He is mad. He has a demon within him!"

And the bird who was in the air heard their cries and said to himself:
"Oh my beloved madness, carry me even higher!"
He beat his wings faster and ascended into the heavens
until he was no longer visible to the naked eye.

Then the priest and elder of the nine cried in a terrible voice:
"Behold the anger of God that consumes the disobedient into naught.
From this day forth, cursed be he who dares spread his wings."

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