Three Visions

In the midst of a great village,
there stood a mountain where men from all corners of the world come to escape
and reflect upon the mystery of life and death.

And upon a night, when the moon was dark, three men stood in a circle
with their backs turned to one another.
And each described according to his vision the scene in the village below.

First Man:  Tonight is the beginning of the end.  For it is the beginning of sorrow and
an end of annihilation. Children lie dead in the streets and their blood runs
down to the rivers.  Their mothers' cries are filled with terror.  Men take up the
sword against each other and naught is accomplished save the demonstration
of man's undying savagery.  Behold our village in ruins.  Behold the death of

Second Man:  Tonight man is being born anew and moves forward another step.  Behold
within these flames life consuming itself for greater life.  Man is being purified
and God is stretching forth, beyond his own height, and growing beyond the
summits and the flames.  Listen to the shrieks of women; for they are the music
of the spheres calling out for a greater melody.  See these shining swords; they
are the settlers of peace.  And these dead bodies that lie about; they are the
foundations of tomorrow's temples.  Witness the blood that runs down to the
rivers; it is the sap that feeds the tree of Heaven.  And how else shall the sea fulfill
its thirst?

Third Man:  Strange that you both see so much.  Perhaps I have a loss of vision.
I only see colors of red and smoke rising against the darkness.  And I only hear
noises coming to and fro, then decaying into the wind and blending with the
croaking of distant frogs.

After the flames had settled, the three men stood silent and gazed upon the darkness.
For now, their visions had become one.

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