The Son of Man

In the beginning, the three gods of the upper spheres descended the heights
and stood among the stars.
And in their palms, they collected the Mist and formed her into Earth.
From the mountains, they cast a body of strange form and laid it delicately upon the plains.
And this body was beautiful, though inanimate.
For it was the Mist cast in a mold.
And the gods gathered around this body and spoke with one voice.
And there was a cosmic tempest in their speech:

Let Us this day give birth to that which is Us and yet which is greater than Us.
Let Us today create an embodiment of Our desires.
Let Us today make man in Our image and let Us through him touch the Most High.
Let Us give him power in heaven that he may remember his heritage and birthright.
But let Us also fill him with primal needs that he may not forget his frailty
and infringe upon Our lofty heights.
For this cause We have created him, that he should journey between heaven and the abyss
and find Divinity in the midst of his travels.

Let this man be the animal and the god,
the criminal and the saint,
the heretic and the prophet.
Let him consume and be consumed.
Let him become the flame and the ashes.
And let a part of him devour the other.

Let him partake and observe.
Let him be the mortal and the immortal.
Let Us give him death to glorify his life.
And let Us cause him to age that he may remember the timelessness of youth
and find eternity in time.

Let Us instill Our desires in this man and afflict him with despair
and suffer him the pain thereof.
But let him accept his burden willingly.
Let Us weigh him with the sorrows of the oppressed.
But let him also rise on wings and find heaven in their midst.
Let Us give him triumph in his defeat, and sadness in his triumph.
Let Us cause him to weep in his joy and to smile in the midst of his sorrow.
Let Us cause him to sink into despair.
But let him also find the pulse of Life at the root.
Let Us strip him of divinity that he may be burdened with the pain of humanity.
And let him stand alone in his suffering.
And let no other unveil his heavenly identity.

Let Us endow this man with an ability to crystallize his journey in poetry
and to leave his footprints in song.
Let Us place a wound in his heart.
And let It bleed willingly in rhythm.
Let Us make his soul a fountain of living waters.
And let him quench his thirst from his own well.
Let Us crucify this man in thought, word, and deed.
And let him be at constant war with himself.
But let him also have peace in his battles.
And let him rise above his crucifixion on a cloud of bliss,
because he was conceived in the Mist.

Let Us set him upon two paths in life.
Let one be paved with pain and the other with ecstasy.
And let him find his Greater Life at the crossroads.
Let Us give him power to touch the Divine and to behold It in his daily life.
But let him also stand alone in his vision.
Let this man be the mediator between Ourselves and the people.
And let the people through him pay Us tribute.
But let him also lift up his eyes together with them and worship the very masks
which they have woven for Our faces.

Let this man be the covenant and the partaker of it.
Let him be the bridge to divinity.
But let him also cross that bridge as one of the people.
Let him be the blasphemer upon the earth.
But let Us make him the redeemer in heaven.
Let him be the man who perishes for the sake of godhood.
But let Us also make him the god who suffers the Passion of manhood.
Let him dwell alone in time among men.
But let him be honored forever among the gods.
Above all, let Us make music his guardian and laughter, his comforter.
Let his ears always be filled with Rhythm.
And let divine Melody sing above his pain and sorrow, his joy and ecstasy.
Let his life be a song and a poem.
But let him also compose it in solitude.

Now, let Us decorate the earth and fill her with angels in veils, to guard over him,
to comfort him, to oppress him and to cause him pain.
And let them bring him to the greater knowledge of himself that lies beyond
joy and sorrow, freedom and slavery.

The gods then gazed upon this inanimate body and felt a certain tenderness
within their being.  Again they spoke:

We did not create this man today but a power greater than Ourselves.
It is the yearning of all the gods come together.
It is our longing for the Most High who dwells among Us and yet eludes Us.
And this longing shall always be veiled, even as the Most High is veiled.
Now, Our desires live in the Mist, in this thing We call Man.

After giving a breath and a heartbeat to their creation, the gods separated
and walked their own paths.

The first god saw that, unlike Man, he could not create a burden greater
than his own ability to bear it.
He returned to the upper spheres and took his throne in Silence.

The second god envied Man his pain.
He stripped himself of divinity and erased his memory of eternity
and went to live the life of his creation on earth.

The third god however was neither envious of Man's pain
nor was he mindful of omnipotence.
He dissipated and turned into Mist and dwelt bodiless upon the face of the earth
and became one with the Rhythm of life.

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