Your life is a myth


The Forbidden Heights presents the paradigms and patterns of our modern lives as insightful myths and symbols.

This collection of parables points to mystical and spiritual notions that resonate across cultures, regardless of dogma, creed or tradition.




Written in English between 1986 and 1991, this work has been translated into Arabic for this unique, dual-language publication.

Those who appreciate the wisdom of the Sufis and the writings of Khalil Gibran are sure to enjoy this work.


Seeing what we perceive as reality and matter in a linguistic light made me think of some Bible verse that says something like, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God..." What the above comment says about mirrors being somewhat magical is something I have tried to wrap my mind around. How can a 2 dimensional surface create a 3 dimensional image? All the light bounces off the surface, yet when we look at the surface everything is out of focus. To see the surface image correctly, we have to look through - or beyond - the surface. A metaphor in itself. Another way mirrors reflect the universe is that each individual detail we see is not located in one area of the surface, but spread over the entire surface the same way a holographic image is stored. Imagine you are in front of a large mirror, and there is an object - say a ball - sitting behind you that you can see. The image of the ball does not remain fixed only to the surface area you see it at. As you move around to different positions, you see that you can catch the ball's reflection from different areas of the mirror's surface. Even though you only see the ball in one small area of the surface, the ball's image is spread over the entire surface of the mirror along with everything else the mirror captures. What gives the illusion of the ball being located in one small area of the mirror is the viewer's perspective. When the viewer changes their perspective, the ball appears in a different area.

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